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Yichun Wanshen Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD is located in jiangxi province yi chun city state-level economic development zone......[See details]

Yichun Wanshen video center of pharmaceutical machinery co., LTD

Brand strength, won theRecognition and trust

—— years of dedicated professional consulting and design of pharmaceutical engineering equipment, research and development and manufacturing

—— National high and new technology enterprise

   The national pharmaceutical equipment industry association members

   Specialization at the provincial level, a new business

—— for more than 800 key pharmaceutical enterprises at home and abroad users equipped with solid preparation production line

—— With fully functional high-end manufacturing base and advanced product line



Improve the quality assurance management system, first-classInnovative research and development team

—— through the ISO - 9001 quality management system certification, European CE certification

—— With pharmaceutical equipment engineering technology research center at the provincial level

—— with the modern Chinese native medicine preparation key laboratory of the ministry of education, jiangxi university of traditional Chinese medicine, shandong anti-lu medicine and other well-known colleges and universities and large pharmaceutical companies, and cooperation to establish pharmaceutical industry equipment research and development innovation platform - state intelligent pharmaceutical equipment engineering technology research center

—— with independent intellectual property rights of more than 130 national patents, multiple research projects won national, provincial technology innovation awards

Professional and efficient after-sales service management, withYour exclusive after-sale protection

—— all programs - pre-sale, sale, after-sale service, patience to listen to customer needs, resolve customer problems, with all my heart

—— establish and improve customer management files, more convenient and faster for customers to provide all-weather after-sale protection

—— professional after-sales service technicians, customer satisfaction is the only aim

—— the pursuit of high quality, create value for customers, creating benefits for the company



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Yichun Wanshen Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., LTD.

Sales hotline: 13617058788 (domestic business department)

          18507959870 (international department)

Service hotline: 0795-2197988

Fax: 0795-2197987

Address: chunfeng road 28 jiangxi yichun economic and technological development zone

Domestic sales department at E-mail:wanshen@ycwsyj.com

International sales department at E-mail:wonsen@ycwsyj.com

Website: www.ycwsyj.com/en

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